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Nelson Mandela’s Anti-Apartide Detergent

A commercial for Nelson Mandela’s “Anti-Apartide” detergent, a product that allows you to mix your whites and colors without ruining your clothes.

Starring Derek Brantley as Nelson Mandela. Featuring S. Alexandra Kudroff, Dan Haley, George Loomis, and Terrill Ocona.

Written by David Iscoe. Directed by Sasha Stewart and Jeff Wong. Produced by Dan Haley.

Regis Breaks Bad News

Magically transported into a hospital waiting room, Regis Philbin forces distraught friends and relatives to guess the status of their loved ones.

Starring Ron Maestri as Regis. Featuring Willy Appelman, Reni Calister, Lily Fried, Marty Keiser, Josh Lay, and Scott Witebsky.

Written by Adam Nover. Directed by Sasha Stewart. Produced by Dan Haley.

BroBot: Your Robot Wingman

A commercial for “BroBot”, the robot that’s your bro! From picking up women to fighting bullies, BroBot’s got your back.

Starring Scott Witebsky as James. Featuring Reni Calister, Dan Haley, Hillary Hamilton, George Loomis, Kristin Elizabeth Manna, Abby Rosebrock, Dee Sams, and Riah Werner.

Written by Dan Haley. Directed by Sasha Stewart. Produced by Dan Haley.

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